Unlock your potential in 25 days 

(And get back to doing what you really love!)

So let me have a quick guess, when you started your business you did so for many good reasons - maybe so you could be your own boss, escape office politics, finally channel yourself into something you’re really passionate about… or to take your future into your own hands, and have the financial and personal freedom to live life to the full. 

And obviously there’s everything right about having that kind of vision!

But I can also guess that having your own business can be stressful, and tricky to navigate at times… and it often takes way more time and energy than anticipated.

It’s all too common to end up feeling more stressed and work longer hours, and both the freedom and healthy work-life balance you dreamt of seem a rather distant dream. 

And that’s NOT what you signed up for, right?

Well it sounds like you're finally
ready to change all that . . .

and that's why I'm inviting you to join the 

The Emotional Mastery System is an online programme created to help working women go from 'Stress to Success'.

It’s designed to show you the exact steps (and loads of tools & techniques) to make stress a thing of the past;  to overcome your (often subconscious) blocks; how to tap into effortless motivation and  access creativity and inspiration (the lifeblood of any business); as well as how to attract opportunities & ensure you can genuinely flourish;
and to create the freedom & healthy work-life balance you dreamt of when you started out in business.



In just 25 days and in 5 simple steps, you’ll learn the self-mastery which is often overlooked, yet fundamental to success.

In our busy day-to-day lives, we’re becoming increasingly aware that many ailments from anxious negative feelings, to a lack of energy or sleep issues, to more serious physical problems such as back, shoulder & stomach pain, headaches and dizziness  . . . all the way to very serious illnesses . . . can be attributed to stress.

So, first up, knowing how to overcome stress and learning to have some control over our emotions and our reactions is key to our health & happiness. 

And thereafter, the question is,
how do we work out a recipe
for success and fulfillment?

We know well that motivation and habit drive the behaviour which will (or won’t) lead to our success, in what ever it is we want to do. But what if we could affect the very thing which fuels our motivation and habits?

This is where our emotions come in.

Whether you know if or not, you are constantly generating emotions in your body. But most people leave this process to chance most of the time, or at times they put off feeling good . . . instead of realising the truth: that we are capable of feeling the emotions we want to experience right now!

This is an incredibly powerful realisation . . . because
if you can master your emotions, you can master your life.

why 'stress to success'? 

'Emotional intelligence is a way of recognizing, understanding, and choosing how we think, feel, and act . . . Research suggests it is responsible for as much as 80 percent of the "success" in our lives.' -J. Freedman



MODULE 3 : heart activation

In this module you’ll discover :

> the number one cause of unhappiness, tension, distress, illness and disease

> how your emotions and feelings can be stress warning signals

> how everything is made up of energy and the energies that make up your energetic ‘whole’

> specific tools and practical techniques with which to detoxify your life, release stress in the moment, improve your health and increase your longevity 

In this module you’ll discover :

> the reasons for negative thinking and cognitive biases

> how the latest developments in neuroscience alter the way we perceive our brain’s ability to change

> how to overcome your negative thinking, limiting beliefs and your emotional blocks

> specific tools and practical techniques to help you become the person you want to be and to create the life you want

We often hear how we must guard our thoughts carefully because the quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our lives. The second step in the Emotional Mastery process is to understand the workings of our conscious and subconscious mind so that we use our amazing brain to truly help us thrive.

MODULE 2 : improve your mindset

The recent discoveries of quantum physics that everything is made of energy dramatically changes how we perceive ourselves as well as the different energies that surround us. The first step in the Emotional Mastery process is to recognise energies which negatively impact our energy flow and affect our emotions . We can then make changes to improve our quality of life. 

Ancient wisdom and modern science are merging in their understanding of the true nature of the heart-brain connection. The key to creating a consistent foundation of the emotions which are essential for our wellbeing . . . is connecting to our hearts.

In this module you’ll discover :

> latest scientific discoveries as to the nature and power of your heart

> how to nurture gratitude, self-love, confidence, self-worth, resilience and your sense of purpose

> an exercise in creativity

> specific tools and practical techniques with which to connect to the powerhouse of your emotions


Restoration is an essential part of maintaining our energic wellbeing - so sleep, rest and rejuvenating activities are indispensable ingredients of the healthy life-balance we crave. But over and above this, it's taking ‘time out’ and allowing ourselves to go beyond our usual productive, conscious state that actually allows us to surpass our usual limits.

A key step in the emotional mastery process is our ability to actively alter our energetic and emotional state in order to inspire motivation and action, to enhance our performance, and ultimately lead to achievement and a sense of fulfillment.


In this module you’ll discover :

> how to boost your happiness and create healthy energy throughout your body

> how to create the optimum state for your success

> how to generate an upward spiral of emotions

> specific tools and practical techniques to inspire the energy and motivation with which to achieve your goals and transform your life

In this module you’ll discover :

> the role of space and stillness in your life

> how to access unlimited inspiration, creativity and potential in order to flourish and live to your full potential

> how to surpass what you think possible by accessing higher states of consciousness

> specific tools and practical techniques to enhance your performance 

  plus you create your personalised
tools & techniques system 
to make sure it's
super effective !

The programme's  been structured so you get fast, lasting results in the shortest time possible.
Every day, for 25 days, there's a informational video followed by a guided exercise offering a simple & relevant practice 
No more struggle to find hours of time to to pour through research & practice  - just set aside 10-20 minutes a day !

Within these modules you’ll discover some key from 'Stress to Success’ tools & techniques :

1 Minute De-Stress tool : to get rid of stress or negativity in the moment
Positive Mindset Shaper : to banish blocks or instill positivity
Heart Connector : to elicit gratitude, joy, confidence, self-worth, resilience & purpose
Motivation Boost : to boost positive energy or kickstart a positive spiral of emotions
Opening tool : to allow for creativity or inspiration

Key tools & techniques :



Have your unique personal Emotional Mastery System    chart created for you. Keep this chart handy so you can refer to it whenever you need to going forward.


'Having my own personalised Emotional Mastery System  .... is like having a friend, ally and on-hand coach at any and every moment. To me that's priceless'


- Chloe, Skincare Entrepreneur




Self-paced online programme:
Busy modern life means it's all to easy to neglect self-care and self-nourishment. Be guided inward to pause . . . to nourish your mind, body & soul and to take this forward to live with more vitality and balance.


Total value over $1,250

”The Emotional Mastery System has given me the tools ..to start a charity I have wanted to set up for years. I am feeling so much more fulfilled.”


“Now I feel I have stepped into my authentic power : I’m loving life even more, and it’s also doing absolute wonders for my business . I have more clients now than ever!”


You suffer from stress or any signs of tension, however mild - or are worried about burnout

You're looking for more consistent results with your business 

You seem to come across seemingly unexplained blocks or things which keep holding you back

You want to (re) ignite or increase your passion and motivation

You want to discover the key to your success : emotional mastery

This programme is totally for YOU IF :

Are you ready to make your  breakthrough ?


If I'm going to invest in my business, surely I should invest in the likes of marketing or scaling it, instead of in myself?

As every entrepreneur or small business owner knows, your business is basically YOU, right ? So you are the most important asset you have. The best business plan in the world is no use if you're not in tip top form to implement it. So your physical, mental and emotional health are the most vital priority . . . not only while you're building your empire, but also so you're around to enjoy it when you have !

    ON ... 


Can emotions really be that important ?

The latest scientific discoveries that we are all made of energy prove that, now more than ever, your understanding of the energy in motion (or e-motions) within you is absolutely fundamental to your success. We are more than just physical beings. So if you want to have 'the edge' or the 'x' factor, then knowing how to manage and work with your emotions really is it.

are you ready?

To make that breakthrough ?
To learn how to deal with stress ?
To overcome your blocks ( . . . even the subconscious ones) ?
To stop wasting time and energy and instead grow your business with effortless motivation ?
To know how to tap into creativity and inspiration whenever you need to ?
To create more flow and attract opportunities ?
To create the freedom and healthy work-life balance you dreamt of when you started out ?


The latest scientific discoveries which show that we are all made of energy,  go to show that now, more than ever, an understanding of the energy in motion (or emotions) within us is a key to your success. We are more than just physical beings. If you want to have 'the edge' or the 'x' factor, this really is it.

Can emotions really be that important ?



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