mission vibration

A new global evolutionary process

Millions of people are waking up to the state of our world today. In short, the way we are living is unsustainable and a radical change is needed to ensure we - along with the majority of life on our planet - are to survive and thrive into the future.

Our production-driven society has brought us enormous progress in a vast number of areas - yet its reliance on the consumption of earth's precious resources and the destruction of earth's balance calls for a new way of being.

What's needed above all is progress which doesn't irreparably damage the earth - which is  the only habitat in which we can currently survive. It's also the only habitat of over 8 million other species which, at this stage of our evolution, we often show little respect or reverence for.

Clearly this story needs to change : our evolution needs to take a new direction.

But where and how?

Across the world there are millions and millions of people who would welcome a slowing of our consumption, a return to a more natural balance with the earth, and for 'progress' to be called such on the premise that it's also in the interests of  (or at the very least doesn't contribute to the the destruction of) our precious earth.

Through our human history - and also living today - are thousands of creatives, leaders, luminaries, intuitives, geniuses and visionaries who have been -  are are - capable of radically impacting the world with their ideas, knowledge, practices and visions.

We are constantly discovering more about the nature of the universe; the way in which it evolves and miraculously works; our part in its story and about our immense potential as human beings.

Right now, we have the resources, the capabilities, the vision and the means with which to usher in the change we need. 

But due to the rapid speed at which we're developing and the magnitude of the on-going destruction taking place,  this change needs to be radical and it needs to come quickly.

Incredibly, the recent discoveries in quantum physics as to the nature of our reality and the power of our collective consciousness gives us the gift of being able to create radical change - and we can do this quickly.

By joining up millions of souls across the planet and raising our collective consciousness with the power of meditation and creative visualisation, we can spread peace, raise the vibration of the planet, impact our evolution and create a new reality.

This is Mission Vibration 

How does it work?

Wherever you are in the world, on the first day of every month at 10am, practice the Mission Vibration Visualisation Meditation.  

You can practice this alone in your own space, or wherever you find yourself — or join or create a local group in which to gather together to practice.

The Mission Vibration practice is a 3 step practice which involves :

1. Clearing your energy field of negative energy and raising your vibration and your heart coherence by thinking about renewing emotions of love, care, compassion and gratitude.

2. Breathing exercises to encourage slower brainwave activity which is beneficial for creative meditative states.

3. Joining in an active creative MV Visualisation with the express intention of visualising the bright, harmonious future we all desire: a future of peace and and joy, in which we thrive in harmony with the planet.

It has been scientifically shown that global meditations have changed the vibration of the planet and changes to its energy field have been recorded from space. 

It's been scientifically proven that collective consciousness creates our reality.

By expanding the reach of this global MV movement, we focus our intention and energy and unify change-makers and visionaries in one mission, 

It takes an estimated 1% of the population unified in action to raise the consciousness of the planet. 

We thus have everything we need to create the change we need in our world.

Now is the time for each and every one of us to recognise our worth and our purpose on this planet,  and to step up and usher in a new chapter in our human history. 

We welcome one and all to join us.

You really can make a difference.


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